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A Foodie Weekend in Madrid

If I had to spend a whole weekend eating out, where would I go? What would I do? And most importantly: what would I eat?

Well, as we all know, the weekend generally starts on Friday when you finish work. However, let’s be a bit loco and make this one start on Thursday! Tired, lethargic and perhaps a few pounds heavier is probably how you will end up – but what’s the bother?! You would have had a great weekend.

So, due to starting the weekend a day earlier, I would warm up by spending a nice quiet Thursday evening in La Latina at my favourite Canarian Restaurant, El Escaldon. Here is where I love to devour some to die for baked goat’s cheese with caramelised onions in rum, complemented by some patatas arrugadas (wrinkled new potatoes boiled in sea salt) with some mojo picon. The menu there is deliciously varied, but I always order these two to start. As hunger always lingers, why not order some mixed croquettas with some gorgeous bacalao, (cod) and jamon; always a favourite. Also, you’d be crazy not to try the taco de ternera, finely sliced beef with a mouth-wateringly juicy marinade. All this delectable food can be lovingly washed down with some tinto de verano, or some vermouth; which is a La Latina local favourite. El Escaldon – C/ Nuncio 17 – Patatas Arrugadas and Baked Goat’s Cheese

OK, as it’s only Thursday I guess we shouldn’t go too overboard but, there’s always room for dessert. A short stroll from El Escaldon, head behind Plaza Mayor and treat yourself to a Portuguese Pastel de Belem (Nata) from Nata Lisboa. This will wrap it all up nicely. I mean, technically speaking the working week is yet to conclude – so it’s home time. Nata Lisboa – C/ Imperial 18 – Pasteles de Belen

A great Friday in Madrid for me always starts with a cronut or two from Pasteleria Mallorca. It’s probably around 5/6 p.m so a cronut and a cup of coffee at this hour constitutes the perfect Spanish merienda (afternoon snack/bite thing). As dinner is always a late affair, Spanish style, this will keep the hunger at bay. At this point, I’d casually take myself home, relax a bit, have a siesta, change my clothes, recharge. Pasteleria Mallorca –

For dinner, I would, without a shadow of doubt, book a table at Goiko Grill for some truly out of this world burgers. My favourites there are the Kevin Bacon, Chipotle, Camburger and the Elvis with peanut butter!! If you’re anything like me – you’ll eat so much, that all you’ll need (apart from a stomach pump) will be drinks, drinks and lots of them. (And if that doesn’t help, a good friend should revive you from the food coma you would have probably slipped into). Goiko Grill – Glorieta de Bilbao – Triple Chipotle La Puchi

Therefore, from Goiko Grill, the hour will be just right to get those drinks in. I always start by ordering an Aperol or Campari cocktail to aid the digestion process. My favourite spots for doing just that within the urbane city that is Madrid would be Areia Chillout, Ojala and Gymage Lounge Resort. You choose, or better yet, just bar hop and finish off at Gymage thus sailing safely through to Saturday. If you go to the Goiko Grill in Glorieta de Bilbao, you can saunter over to Areia Chillout first, enjoy a cocktail or two (and possibly shake a leg to the lounge beats), then switch to Ojala for a gin and tonic or another cocktail then Gymage for whatever your body can take. Even if I do say so myself – this is a cool little route for you right there to end a lovely Friday. Gymage Lounge Resort – C/ De La Luna, 2

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