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Unlike Spain, the United States is a new country with equally new cuisine. Spain’s traditional cuisine shows off on every street restaurant, bar and café in Madrid. American food is often dismissed as being only burgers and fries. Getting to know Madrid restaurants is delving into the international scene that runs through the streets. Of the restaurants in Madrid, Jimbo has brought Texan-style dining to Madrid in its most honest form…and it is Texan. I would know, I grew up in Texas eating steaks and mac and cheese.

On the outside, Jimbo is gray and industrial with an illuminated sign above the glass and metal façade. The inside is equally unpretentious with long picnic-style tables that seat several different parties together. There’s no art on the walls and a large board in the center dedicated to ten craft beers on tap. They do not take reservations and you will need to seat yourself. Jimbo’s honest no-frills style sets it apart from other restaurants in Madrid.
Beers on tap


The menu has meat, meat and meat. It is prepared slow-smoked, leaving the meat tender, savory with the distinct flavor only achieved by smoking meat over coals for hours. You can choose between beef brisket, sausage, chicken and pork ribs with special seasoning. You pick a side of coleslaw, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn on the cob, salad, black beans and more. Unlike other restaurants in Madrid, at Jimbo you eat like a cowboy.
Texan food with all the trimmings
Mac and Cheese

We ordered the beef brisket with a side of mac and cheese and a Coke. The tray came with a toasted slice of white country-style bread. It’s the closest I’ve felt to Texas since childhood.  No Texas-style smoked meat is complete without BBQ sauce. Jimbo offers three, each with different levels of spiciness.
BBQ sauces to complete the meal

One tray is more than enough to share and if you order the “Bandeja de Carne” you can experience four types of traditional smokehouse meats with coleslaw and pickles. It’s suggested for two people, but it easily feeds three. At Jimbo, everything is served big, ringing true to common saying, “Everything is Bigger in Texas”.


Dessert was a pleasant surprise. We just had to try…wait for it…donut ice cream. Never in my American dreams had I tried such a thing. There are topping options but we tried it plain. It tastes as you imagine, cool, soft-serve ice cream that tastes of donut. Each bite is like biting into a sweet donut that literally melts in your mouth.
Donut ice-cream

Jimbo is the feel-good restaurant with American style comfort foods. The vibe is playful; the food is abundant and flavorful. No reservations and the location make it accessible. Jimbo offers an international experience among the many restaurants in Madrid. You can eat like they do in the Wild West but beware of the nap you will need after.

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Restaurant Details

Address: Plaza del Descubridor Diego de Ordás, 4, 28003 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 910 00 55 40

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