What to do in Madrid made easy with MuchBites. The things to do in Madrid are so many that you need a local to guide you. Be they the best tapas in Madrid or the best restaurants in Madrid, you will find them all here. Given the plethora of restaurants in Madrid, our local knowledge will guide you to the top places to visit in Madrid. So, sit back, relax and eat in Madrid as your time here takes your taste buds to new heights. At MuchBites, we blog about excellent gastronomy for all your culinary needs.

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Breakfast and Bakeries in Madrid

Generally speaking, the Spanish breakfast affair is a minimal affair, no mess, no fuss; just eat and it’s wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Breakfast usually includes the likes of coffee, a chocolate drink and/or orange juice. This is accompanied with either bread with jam or grated tomato with olive oil, a pastry or a piece of cake. So, if you are not going to go down the brunch route, then have the Spanish breakfast the right way. The following list will get you started. As an added bonus, these places are also great for the Spanish merienda (a light afternoon snack while waiting for dinner.
Various Locations. Favourite: Calle de Fernando VI, 23, Alonso Martinez

Mama Frambroise is the story of when Spain met the French bakery and the resulting fusion. Breakfast here is somehow a bit more varied. You can choose from a wide variety of pastries such as pain au chocolat, chocolate quoted croissants (must, must try), their own version of cinnamon rolls called the Schneken and much more. As show in the picture, the thick hot chocolate drink (chocolate a la taza), which is a very typical breakfast option in Spain at Mama Frambroise is not to be missed. Try it with a croissant and dunk the croissant in the chocolate as you go. You won’t be disappointed. There are a variety of locations around Madrid, so be sure to check out company website
C/ Hortaleza 3, Madrid, Metro Gran Via

Celicioso is the bakery that takes the misery out of being allergic to gluten. In this bakery you can eat whatever your heart desires because everything is gluten-free. Choose from chocolate cakes, banana bread, cupcakes, brownies, macaroons plus much more. This place is more than just for breakfast, it’s for every part of the day, whether you want just a bite or more. The taste of everything is unbelievably tasty, you might wonder if it really is gluten-free, but it 100% is.
C/ Hermosilla, 58, Madrid, Metro Velazquez

Nata Lovers is the story of when Portugal came to Spain. This place offers delicious Portuguese custard tarts brought in from Portugal. They are devilishly tasty with flaky/puff pastry. They are so good, you won’t be able to stop at just one. This is the perfect breakfast or merienda place. Have your custard tart with coffee and you’re set for life. If you like them a lot, you can buy a box of 6 to take away. (If you do this, eat them on the same day, they’re not the same the next day)

Pasteleria Mallorca is an up-market chain of bakeries that sells many delicious things at an otherwise higher price than normal. Whatever you try here will be delicious. You can get a small but tasty sandwich for 3euros. However, for MuchBites, the piece de resistance here is the cronut. You don’t have to live in the USA to try this delicious cross between a doughnut and croissant. The cronut here is filled with a sweet, but not sickly custard and then glazed with icing sugar and decorated with a few dried raspberries. It is so tasty that it’s worth the price. Only problem is that they are scarce in supply. They are usually delivered in small quantities on a daily basis, and some days they don’t even come. To guarantee yourself a cronut, visit an branch after the 1.30pm mark. You might be lucky. But believe me, it will be worth it. C/ Zurbano, 50, Madrid, Metro Ruben Dario
C/ Lagasca 119, Madrid

Pan Comido is a charming collection of 2 bakeries in very hidden corners of Madrid.They offer a wide variety of freshly made bread and croissants and other bakery goodies. The breakfast follows the typical Spanish format, cafe con leche or other hot drink of choice and then bread with tomato and olive oil or jam, or if you prefer, a croissant – toasted or otherwise. The jam selections are heavenly, reminiscent of homemade jam. Conclusion being? A simple breakfast of cafe con leche with toast and jam and butter can end up being surprisingly hearty. Try the peach jam.  Calle Imperial, 18, Madrid, Outside Plaza Mayor

Maria La Portuguesa is a great little Portuguese restaurant that you will find behind the busy Plaza Mayor. It is a great place to have breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner and even just dessert. They offer many Portuguese goodies including cod meatballs and Portuguese pies. The best things here are the Portuguese custard tarts. Due to the location, it will most likely be a stone’s throw away from where you are. It is definitely worth a visit. You can also buy a box of custard tarts to take away if you fall in love with them.

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