What to do in Madrid made easy with MuchBites. The things to do in Madrid are so many that you need a local to guide you. Be they the best tapas in Madrid or the best restaurants in Madrid, you will find them all here. Given the plethora of restaurants in Madrid, our local knowledge will guide you to the top places to visit in Madrid. So, sit back, relax and eat in Madrid as your time here takes your taste buds to new heights. At MuchBites, we blog about excellent gastronomy for all your culinary needs.

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Brunch Madrid, Brunch Places in Madrid

On this page you will find all the MuchBites recommended and loved restaurants offering Brunches that are truly worth trying. Each place has its own unique offer and prices range from 8€ to 30€, so you decide how much of a treat you want to give yourself. If it’s on the page it’s worth a try. So give it a go as you plan your next Brunch with or without mimosas.

Brunch Madrid, brunch places in madrid

Bar Tomate

Bar Tomate – C/ de Fernando El Santo, 26, Colon

Bar Tomate offers a great brunch selection at an extremely reasonable price. For 8€, you receive a huge tray filled with food. You can choose which type of eggs you want, then accompany them with either bacon, salmon or spinach. To your tray, they then add the default items: toasted bread, jam, butter and tomato (Spanish breakfast style) in small ramekins, fruit salad, orange juice and coffee. They also have gluten free bread upon request. You will love the whole interior of the place as it has a rustic feel to it.

Panela and Co

C/ Lopez de Hoyos 10, Madrid – Egg Whites and Avocado Bagel

Panela and Co is a small cafe very reminiscent of New York. They have a broad menu offering things from breakfast bagels, homemade quiches, salad wraps and super food salads. The full brunch experience at Panela and Co will set you back 19€, but once in a while, it is definitely worth it. Your brunch comes with many options such as waffles, pancakes, eggs Benedict and bagels. A perfect combo would be a fresh fruit salad and natural yoghurt granola, followed by breakfast bagel served with bacon, avocado and cheddar cheese accompanied by some rather tasty potatoes. This, of course, comes with a coffee of choice and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Carmencita Bar

Carmencita Bar – C/ Vicente San Ferrer, 51, Malasana

Carmencita Bar offers many things at different times of the day. If you find yourself craving a British or American breakfast, the Carmencita brunch will satisfy this craving in no time. The brunch comes with eggs, bacon, sausages, hashbrowns and bread. They have great breakfast sauces – barbecue and good ketchup. This experience will take you right back home, if you were needing that kind of escape. Oh, and this is only for 8€. Be sure to get the 1€ mimosas, and if you still have space, have a homemade cake to top it all off.

Federal Cafe

Federal Cafe – Plaza Comendadores, 9 – Malasana

Federal Cafe is a cafe with a huge and welcoming interior. The moment you step in, you are guaranteed to feel alive due to the light and airiness of the cafe. The morning menu will ensure you have a great brunch experience. Prices vary according to what you have. Favourites here include the egg skillets, the breakfast burger, the rye bread with avocado and cilantro. There are many options to list. Federal cafe offers great coffees and smoothies too. The right choice for you will live you satisfied and eager for your next visit.

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