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WARNING: Article does not contain food and/or reference to thereof.

By Heléna Kurçab – The English Coach and author of the “You Can Do It!” Method of English Learning

I originally wrote this article back in June 2011 in the middle of Spain’s worsening economic downturn. The word “Crisis” was on everyone’s lips and I observed people feeling increasingly insecure, while spending more and more energy worrying about whether they would be next to lose the Security of their job.

Most would say that that is a natural human reaction. I would ask, in turn: “But is it productive?” It makes me sad to see this total waste of good energy that does nothing positive to affect the outcome……, but instead has people living in a day-to-day negative bubble of Insecurity, that is paralysing rather than productive.

Those who have attended one of my Career Courses know that changing this mind-set and taking personal responsibility for one’s own security is one of the first things I focus on.

You may not want to become an entrepreneur, but I would suggest it is important to have an Entrepreneur/ Employer mentality” in the way you view yourself and your work. This will change the way you view the company you work for and very likely the services you provide them.

In essence, I urge you to: “Own the business of you.”

Let me ask you. Would you continue to buy a product or service from someone if after 5, 10, or more years, they ceased to keep up with the market and provide value for money? What if the provider insisted that he had been selling to you for many years and therefore you “Owed” him the loyalty to keep purchasing from him? Would you not consider his argument unreasonable……, even ridiculous?

Yet, that is exactly the attitude employees often take when companies decide that they are no longer providing value for money in return for their salary. If you are thinking “But that’s different”….., let me argue emphatically “No it is not!”

A company is not a charity. A company exists to provide goods and services that fill a need in the marketplace and they need to do so at a profit. To do this requires in turn the purchase of some skills and expertise provided by employees. If the employees don’t keep up with the market (their responsibility…., not the employer’s) and fail to provide value for money, why should the employer continue purchasing from them? (Paying them.)

After having spent 15 years as a Headhunter, my best advice is:

(A) Dismiss the “Job = Security” myth. No job can give you security and you should not expect it to do so. That is your personal responsibility.

(B) Understand that a company needs you for only one of two reasons: (1.) To make them money or (2) To save them money.

(C) Realise that “Your only security lies in your value to the market” so keep increasing your value. Ask yourself: Would I hire me? Would I pay me what I am being paid?

Remember, value is determined by the buyer. Always strive to exceed expectations. You will enjoy your work more and…… “Cream always rises to the top.”

Regardless of how “Secure” your position might appear to be, never stop checking that you are keeping up with the market. If that means taking extra courses that will enhance your value…, attend them…., and happily pay for them if your company doesn’t.

Then, if your situation changes, “Your Business Of You” will be well-prepared to fill another need in the market, or to accept a promotion.

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