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What´s a Poke Bowl?

Poke bowl in Madrid may not mean much to you if you aren´t familiar with this fresh dish. You may have seen a poke bowl  (pronounced POKE-AYE) in your Instagram feed recently. It´s trending in health and fitness feeds with promises of tasty and nutritious punch. It typically consists of a beautiful combination of color and texture, it looks refreshing and healthy.  So what is a Poke bowl and where did it come from? Where it originated is somewhat unclear but it became popular in Hawaii, where tropical fresh ingredients and fish are easy to obtain. It quickly spread to California and now in health-conscious L.A., it can be found on every corner, becoming as common as a Starbucks. You´re likely to see the poke bowl in Madrid become just as popular.

What does it consist of?

Every poke bowl is different and customizable, but it typically consists of a carb base, fish or tofu protein, and veggie toppings. The base usually consists of rice or quinoa topped with marinated raw fish, tuna or salmon and garnished with fresh colorful vegetables like edamame, wasabi nuts, and seaweed salad, though the options are truly endless. Its sushi meets salad.

Where to Poke in Madrid?

Well, the poke bowl in Madrid is thanks to expats like L.A. native Bella and her Spanish counterpart Isa, who have brought the Instagram poke lifestyle to the heart of Chueca. Ohana means family in Hawaii, which became the namesake of the newest spot for poke bowl in Madrid. The quaint, pink and tropical poke bar greets you with clean, easy-going vibes and a Hawaiian-themed photo booth, fully equipped with costumes. Don´t let the laid-back impression fool you, the fish is never refrozen, sauces are made in-house and the ingredients taste fresh. You can order a recommended bowl or have it your way and build your own. Though I´ve tried to make poke bowls at home, they don´t turn out as good. That may be because the secret is in the sauce.


Ohana Poke house is the Chipotle of poke, with a long loaded bar of fresh ingredients for your pick. They´ve turned up the flavor on otherwise, muted flavors of rice, fish, and veggies. Toppings included edamame, wasabi nuts, and seaweed salad.  With sauces like pineapple siracha (which actually kicks but with a sweetness) and cilantro mayonnaise, to name a few the combinations of flavors are truly endless. Plus you don´t have to sacrifice nutrition for taste.

We watched Ohana´s (rather good-looking) poke chef marinate the fish in our sauce of choice, lay it over a blend of black (high in antioxidants) and jasmine rice before topping it with a medley of fresh, colorful vegetables.  We felt satiated but light and ready to take on the day, making it perfect for warm summer days. 

Ohana Poke House

Calle de Barbieri, 1,

911 26 22 74

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