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MAD13 is a Madrid restaurant with a New York/London feel. Its modern, clean décor and warm lighting provide guests with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. They have outdoor seating in a glass-enclosed patio, equipped with flame towers to control temperature in the winter. Hence, you can sit outside and have the feeling of open-air dining without being at the mercy of the weather. It’s a win-win.

For locals, MAD13 provides an escape to experience something different and international; for expats and visitors to Madrid, it affords you Spanish dining with Western familiarity. It’s the perfect place to go for dinner with friends, a date (if you’re lucky enough to have one), or even a business dinner. If MAD13 was an outfit, it would be business casual.

We had several dishes during our visit. The appetizers, main dish and dessert all left us wanting more. We’ve broken down our favorites.

madrid restaurant mad 13
“Burrata a la Puglia” trufada

For appetizers, we had two things off the menu:

The “Burrata de la Puglia” trufada (truffle burrata) embodies the sophisticated ambience of MAD13. The appetizer is composed of two balls of mozzarella cheese filled with black truffle and butter, and served atop a bed of balsamic tomatoes. The acidity of the tomatoes acts a much-needed counterpoint to the rich, heavy cheese. Garnished with black caviar and purple sprouts, the dish possesses a memorable elegance in both flavor and presentation.

madrid restaurant mad 13
Croquetas de la abuela

In contrast, the croquetas de la abuela are pure comfort food. They are available with jamón, hongos (mushrooms), or a mix of both types. Served in a basket with plenty of croquetas to share, each one is fried just enough to give it a crunch without leaving it too greasy. The jamón croquetas are a satisfying version of the popular flavor, while the taste of the mushrooms throughout the béchamel makes the hongos croquetas stand out. Sweet potato chips accompany the croquetas and are a fun addition.

madrid restaurant mad 13

The entrees on the menu at MAD13 are a mix of seafood and meat dishes.

For a plate with fish, we had the Ba-ca-lao (cod). The dish features chopped, lightly spiced cod served on a bed of veggies. The tender chunks of potato mixed with zucchini, eggplant, and peppers add a rustic touch to the dish. While the presentation is elaborate, the main flavors are kept simple. It’s a reflection of MAD13’s general atmosphere – refined but comfortable.


madrid restaurant mad 13
Aristócrata tronchada

As far as meat dishes go, the Aristócrata tronchada is an excellent choice. The meat is the star of the show and requires minimal seasoning to shine. The beef is cooked much less than you might expect (a medium-rare order is bright pink throughout) but is truly flavorful. Roasted cherry tomatoes with fried mushrooms and artichokes serve as understated but enjoyable complements.

Finally, though not a menu item per se, the bread at this Madrid restaurant is so delicious that it has to be mentioned. The rolls are served warm with a crisp, thin crust that hides the incredibly soft bread inside. When you break each roll open, you can feel the steam escaping, and each bite is delightful.

madrid restaurant mad 13

Apart from what we tried, MAD13’s menu includes other plates from a wide variety of cuisines. Other menu items include tuna tataki, steak tartare, and quinoa salad. Under the inviting outdoor lights, the food at MAD13 celebrates the best that city life has to offer. For a comfortable evening with the slightest touch of luxury, this Madrid restaurant can’t be beat.

If you make it to MAD13, please share your thoughts and pictures with us here

Address: Paseo de la Habana, 13

Metro: Santiago Bernabeu, Nuevos Ministerios

Website: www.mad13.es

Reservations: 916 492 992

*Article co-written by Annika De Souza and Jiji Majiri Ugboma


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