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One of Madrid’s hidden attractions and best things to do in Madrid is experience the diverse gastro landscape. Fusion restaurants and ethnically influenced menus litter every neighborhood. All you have to do is look. Well, we found a gem for you!

If you are tired of tortilla de patatas and croquetas (which are hard to get tired of but everyone needs a break), Middle-eastern influenced, Dinamo should be on your list of things to do in Madrid. The outside exudes deep orange light and upon entering you will encounter friendly staff and a long bar. The space itself is small, clean and quaint, though the ambiance greets you warmly. I went to Dinamo the first month it opened with curiosity and medium interest. This restaurant has since quickly captured my palate and heart. It has become one of my favorite things to do in Madrid.

The menu consists of plates such as tabule, hummus falafel, and kebabs (not your late-night doner kebab). There is something about each plate and it’s seasoning, ingredients and presentation that allude to both fine dining and comfort food. This dichotomy between food so visually appealing, its a shame to eat it and food so full of exciting flavors that you can’t put it down– is what keeps me coming back.

Every plate encompasses the Middle-eastern influence. Ingredients like pistachio, tzatziki, cilantro and tahini keep you pleasantly surprised. For meat-lovers the brochetas de cordero are a must have. They have a perfected chargrilled flavor to them while remaining very juicy to the bite. Or try the lamb-beef burgers served with pistachio, arugula and tzatziki sauce. For vegetarians and vegans the options are plenty including hummus, tabule and fatouse salads laden with fresh crisp vegetables and herbs. For dessert we tried the tiramisu, which was light, creamy and served in an elegant, modern bowl. While you will find traditionally Spanish plates on the menu such as pulpo and croquetas, they are served with a middle-eastern flair to hold true to the palatable theme.

I recall looking at the portions thinking to myself…that’s it? Don’t be fooled, the quality of the food is so good that you will walk out feeling like you ate double. In fact, I also recall how affordable the entire experience was, though it felt as though I had dined formally and well enough that it could have dug deeper into my pockets.

Additionally, the staff were warm, kind, informative and patient. Making Dinamo one of the tasty, affordable and pleasant things to do in Madrid.

If you’d like to go for dinner, reservations are highly recommended as the space is small and it is in a popular neighborhood for dining out, Chamberí. If you opt for a menu del día however, you can pop in for an equally satisfying meal for half the price. It’s a small place full of surprises.

Each plate was delicious and exceeded expectations. Right here in Madrid, eating at Dinamo feels like an exotic experience. The flavors and seasonings kept true to the ingredients used across a variety of Mediterranean/middle-eastern cuisines. In a nutshell one could say that Dinamo is ethnic dining experience meets culinary bravado. It’s one of the tastiest things to do in Madrid.

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Calle Trafalgar 7


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