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How do you feel about planning your next holiday? Generally speaking, we all want to ensure we have the most memorable experience possible. In fact, these days, people spend more money buying enriching experiences than they do buying clothing. Fact is, when spending that hard earned money, we all want to ensure what we experience is top notch.

This means we want to see the best sights and eat at the best restaurants. Only then are we fully satisfied. But, how do you go about the process of finding the best in the plethora of information out there. Do you look at Trip Advisor? Instagram? Twitter? Although you can get good information from these places, it is a mine field and navigating to get exactly what is right is a mission.

Pepo chats with the conversations you love the most

Thankfully, there is a new social media app called Pepo. I have been using it over the last few months, putting it through its paces to see how it works. After all is said and done, it is safe to say I’ve fallen in love with it.

Pepo allows its users to create highly visual and interactive chats similar to what would happen if you mixed Facebook groups with Instagram feeds. The chats can be anything that is of interest to the creator. The ones I have enjoyed following have featured topics around eating is Paris and Berlin and luxury travel around the world. This means, if ever I am in these cities, I am guaranteed the experience that I would want because of having received insider information that was easy to digest and action.

Because the platform is a collection of well curated information, it is easy to follow and find the information that you need to create that experience you need. What’s more is that if for whatever reason you cannot find what you’re looking for, you are able to ask the chat’s host for input. If they do not reply (which is rare), the chat’s members are also on hand to offer some input. Being able to get real time answers to your pressing questions

Apart for the fact that you can follow different chats based on your interests, you can also create your own chats that you host and post to. So if you’re into fashion, travel, blogging, you name it, you can be the host of your own chat and have direct influence on the information you share. What’s fantastic is that Pepo has good levels of views and interactions. As an example, in the 2/3 months that MuchBites has had a Pepo chat, we have had over 8.5k views and already have over 700 members. This is great as it means your work and efforts to create good content are not falling on deaf ears. With people, you will always be in the know!

As always, sometimes is better to experience than be told. So the call to action in this blog is for you to download the Pepo app for Android and iOS, create your profile and start creating. By all means, be sure to follow us by searching Madrid Foodies!

See you there!

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