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Have you ever noticed how ordering food for delivery is not really THE IN THING in Madrid? It is notable that things are slowly changing thanks to the likes of Deliveroo and Just Eat. But, let’s face it, food deliveries are not part of the culture given the many norms surrounding food in Spain. However, as many of us have often felt, there are those days when you just want a good pizza delivered to your door on one of those duvet and Netflix days or those “we’re chilling with friends” nights. Thankfully, there’s a pizzeria in Madrid perfectly suited for those needs. Gone are the days of having to order from Dominos and Papa Johns when what you really want is an authentic European pizza affair. Rejoice, we now have the smooth pizza operations of Pizza Napoli.

Pizza Napoli is a pizzeria in Madrid that is owned by two business-savvy individuals going by the name Alberto and Miguel. The two have joined forces to offer a premium quality product that is as close as possible to Neapolitan Pizza. We are talking thin crust, fresh ingredients and everything handmade. They have opted to work with carefully selected suppliers from Italy. This means the majority of the raw ingredients are Italian. They source the mozzarella cheese, Parma ham, salami, tomato sauce, the flour and other other ingredients from this country whose gastronomy we all so love. As they have a great relationship with the suppliers, they are able to order products in smaller quantities which arrive almost daily. As such, we are talking fresher than fresh food here. No freezing ever takes place and the dough is made daily and allowed to rest as the yeast ferments adding to a light crust with just the right amount of crispness. The ensuing result is that as you eat your pizza, you will be able to taste each and every ingredient that has gone into the pizza. The flavours are just spectacular, as I realised.
Fresh pizzas with fresh ingredients

When I went, I had a pizza topped with herbs, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes and burrata and also one with truffle oil, salami, boletus, fresh basil and mozzarella. Needless to say I was in food heaven. For all you foodies out there, you really get to appreciate the quality and thought that the owners of Pizza Napoli have put into their food offering. As it’s a delivery service, they went the extra mile to ensure that what arrives at your door will be fresh and piping hot. Miguel informed me about how he spent some time in London on the hunt for the perfect pizza delivery bag. Ultimately he was able to find a bag that can be kept warm in store on a hot plate whilst on standby for delivery. To be sure that products arrive to you as they left the store, Pizza Napoli is strict on delivering out of their cachement area. Thankfully though, there are four Pizza Napolis strategically placed around the city so you’ll most likely be covered, unless you live in Timbuktu, of course. (But I’m sure they’ll be a Pizza Napoli coming soon to Timbuktu.)

Enjoy some great starters too… fresh dough balls

Apart from the excellent product offered by this pizzeria in Madrid, I really got to appreciate the business minds of Alberto and Miguel. As you might be well aware, restaurant and cafe opening in Spain seems to be a national sport. Wherever you look, there seems to be a new food establishment opening and at the same time, another one closing due to lack of customers. There seems to be a lack of strategy among many new restaurant owners. However, the two from Pizza Napoli have done some solid research to first of all find the gap in the market and how to fill it and secondly, they are putting forth concerted efforts to market their business in an industry where selling tortilla de patata and croquetas just doesn’t cut it anymore. I applaud their business know-how and if ever I open my own restaurant/cafe, I’ll be taking a leaf out of their book.

I know you will waste no time in placing your first order and getting a try of this most delicious of pizzas. Your feedback would be invaluable, so after tasting it, let us know your thoughts! Share your Pizza Napoli experience with us here


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