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Places to Visit in Madrid for Good Ice Cream

Summer time is here and so too is the endless search for places to visit in Madrid to curb the heat!

Madrilenos and visitors alike are coming out of their cold weather shells and flooding the streets of this beautiful city. Yet with 50 plus temperatures (Fahrenheit) and much hotter weather in store, a stroll around the crowded streets of Madrid before sunset can feel like a game of ‘who can fry first.’

Needless to say, a cool, refreshing treat is a must have on everyone’s what to do in Madrid list. As always, MuchBites has you covered.


This summer, we’ve got a place that will have you screaming for ice cream! Bico de Xeado, (Galician for Ice Cream Kiss), is a nature loving ice cream bar that recently brought their northern Spanish market to the capital city. It is located in the well loved food district of Bilbao and is next door to MuchBites’ best restaurants in Madrid such as Goiko Grill and Tuk Tuk, thereby making this place the perfect after meal chill spot.

At first glance, Bico de Xeado can be mistaken for a traditional Spanish ice cream shop. Aside from its ultra organic, sleek décor, it has all of the expected flavours. Yet, one taste of their product and you will soon realize that this is no ordinary frozen milk.

As their name suggests, you will definitely leave in love with their ice cream and will be guaranteed to make them one of your top places to visit in Madrid this summer.
Happy cows make delicious milk for delicious ice cream

What sets this ice cream bar apart from the rest is their dedication to serving a fresh, healthy product that does the body good. Each scoop of ice cream is created with care from fresh, organic milk harvested from their personal farm in Galicia. As if that wasn’t enough, the milk is also pasteurized with a time honoured process that protects the milk proteins in a way that most modern pasteurizing processes don’t. In doing so, Bico de Xeado boasts an end product that ensures the integrity of the milk and a much easier digestion.

Since everything is made in house, they are also able to cater to lots of different dietary needs. (That means a little love for our gluten free and allergen sensitive readers too!)

In the end, what Bico de Xeado has done is gone back to the basics, leaving their happy belly customers with a product so creamy you’re instantly taken back in time to when food was real. For the north of Spain, Bico was already a household name, but for us down here, with so many places to visit in Madrid for ice cream, we had yet to see fresh milk and organic ice cream on the offer.
You’ll have to eat it fast, else it’ll melt

With a base like that, what more could you ask for — fresh ingredients, a good price, friendly staff? Bico de Xeado has all of that!

Each ice cream flavour is made with the best ingredients your heart (and health) could desire: We’re talking vanilla from Madagascar, season fresh fruits and herbs, as well as, premium French Valrhona chocolate. No powdery, artificial flavourings here, only ice cream as it should be.  This all translates into a healthy, tasty ice cream you can actually feel good about eating during bikini season. Now if that doesn’t deserve a milk moustache smooch then I don’t know what would…

All of their flavours are to die for. To be honest it’s hard to pick just one but if I may suggest, I would highly recommend Bico de Xeado’s mint chocolate ice cream.

At first I was quite skeptical, there was no way in my mind that even they could make anything other than the chalky, bitter flavoured mint chocolate chip I had become used to over the years. Yet, after some urging from the infectiously sweet waitress, I decided to give it a chance. With one bite I was sold! You could literally taste the bits of fresh mint leaves and chocolate chips in every morsel. It was like taking a dip into a creamy chocolate Mojito but without the expensive Caribbean price tag.

At less than 4€ for a generously sized small portion, I definitely will be going back for seconds. While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up an old-school litre bottle of their fresh milk to go. Your morning cereal will thank you…
Simply decorated, yet effective

So next time you’re out or someone asks you for places to visit in Madrid, don’t forget about Bico de Xeado. We’ll collect our thank you kisses later.

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Restaurant Information

Website: www.bicodexeado.es

Location: Metro Bilbao on Calle Luchana with Calle Sagasta

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