What to do in Madrid made easy with MuchBites. The things to do in Madrid are so many that you need a local to guide you. Be they the best tapas in Madrid or the best restaurants in Madrid, you will find them all here. Given the plethora of restaurants in Madrid, our local knowledge will guide you to the top places to visit in Madrid. So, sit back, relax and eat in Madrid as your time here takes your taste buds to new heights. At MuchBites, we blog about excellent gastronomy for all your culinary needs.
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There are many places to visit in Madrid. Not least of which are the markets and rooftop bars. Before you plan anything, it is imperative that you check out the MuchBites series on the markets of Madrid. These are the some of the best markets in Madrid plus the exact stalls you will need to visit whilst there.

On this page though, MuchBites has put a small list of the places to visit in Madrid to start your culinary journey or indeed, add to it. They are a great place to wind down with a cocktail, bottle of wine, beer, or whatever drink is of your choice. The markets also offer a chance to sample local foods such as jamon, croquetas and tortilla espanola. So they’re definitely worth a visit either on a whistle stop tour around the city or as a first introduction to Spanish cuisine, or, just because you love the atmosphere they offer.

Some markets combine the tapas experience with a great terrace bar either on the rooftop or in a cool corner on one the many floors. Any one of the listings on this page are some of the top places to visit in Madrid, otherwise you haven’t really been to Madrid.

5 places to visit in Madrid and eat in them

Mercado San Anton

Mercado San Anton – C/ de Agusto Figueroa, 24, Chueca

Mercado San Anton is a market filled with wonder. Upon reaching the first floor, you are faced with a fresh food market offering fresh fruit, meat, poultry and fish. The products are sold at a premium price, so, it will definitely be a shopping destination for when you are hosting your own Come Dine With Me. Also, not to be missed on the first floor is Hamburguesa Nostra located just beneath the escalator to the second floor. They offer rather tasty, moderately sized burgers. On the second floor, you find an assortment of stalls offering Greek, Spanish and Japanese cuisines, among other things to eat in Madrid, Spain . The best thing about this market is the rooftop bar that offers a fantastic way to sip a cocktail or two. Be aware that the market gets very busy, especially at the weekends, so be sure to time your visit appropriately.

Mercado Platea

Mercado Platea – C/ de Goya, 5-7, Metro Serrano

Mercado Platea, from the outside, looks like a very uninspiring apartment block located in the heart of Madrid’s Salamanca district. However, once you enter, you are faced with an impressive theatre come food hub. The market has many options for you to sample including some of the restaurants in Madrid that are Michelin-starred. If anything, you can always enjoy a nice drink here from the bars on the first floor. The moscato is certainly worth a try here for those who like sweet wines. There are other stalls offering Argentinian, Italian and Latin American cusines. A favourite would be Kinua for the ceviche amongst other things.

Mercado San Ildefonso

Mercado San Ildefonso – C/ Fuencarral, 57 – Malasana

Mercado San Ildefonso is an interestingly positioned food market on busy Calle Fuencarral, one of the best places to visit in madrid. As you enter, there are many things beckoning for your attention. To not get side tracked, head over to the beer garden between the second and third floors or straight to the top. Find a table and secure it. To eat, visit the grilled meat stalls, one goes by the name of Brochetta and the other one is very close by, about 2/3 stalls to the right. This will start you off well as you get your bearings. If in doubt, read this article. The bar on the top offers a variety of drinks from beers and wines to cocktails and mixers.

Gymage Lounge Resort

Gymage Lounge Resort – C/ de la Luna, 2, Malasana

Gymage Lounge Resort is a not-to-be-missed rooftop bar and restaurant just behind Calle Granvia. Certainly a top thing to do in Madrid. The ambiance alone says a lot. At night, the neon green lights really set the mood, and this coupled with the pulsating lounge beats in the background, you feel as though you have been transported to some idyllic island paradise. Seating includes stools, high stools, and if you are lucky enough, cosy white leather beds. There is even a pool to dip your toes in during the hot summer nights. The drinks menu is pretty much similar as anywhere else, but for the experience alone, you wont’t regret it.

El Corte Ingles Gourmet Experience 

Gourmet Experience C/ Serrano, 52, Planta 6 y 7, Metro Serrano

El Corte Ingles Gourmet Experience on Calle Serrano is not to be toyed with. Really, one of the best places to visit in Madrid due to location, views and food on offer. They have ice cream from Rocambolesc, Mexican food from Salon Cascabel and Michelin-starred food from Street Xo. In all honestly, with this one in particular, seeing and eating is believing. For the first time you go, just try the ice cream and let that be the decider of whether you return or not. It is a great place to spend an afternoon or evening, especially after a spot of shopping in Barrio Salamanca. Don’t miss out on it.

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