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Random Restaurant and Anonimo Club

Walk through the matt black wooden doors and enter into a random world that captivates all your senses from every corner. Putting all pretentiousness aside, you soon realise that, for once, the place where your feet are teading is what it is – fabulous in the fullest sense of the word.

On a quiet and romantic street of Chamberi, many worlds collide in such a fashion that Madrid is instantly forgotten. Little did one imagine that in the blink of an eye, the Madrid you left behind would turn into a scene from Mayfair, exuding luxury from all corners. Unbeknownst to you, a meander to the basement transports you to the era of the prohibition when cocktails and underground alcohol were the norm. The word to describe this amalgam would be RANDOM. In true random fashion, ladies and gentlemen, MuchBites presents you Random Restaurant and its Anonimo Club.

Anonimo Club madrid

Only recently opened, Random has breathed a breath of fresh air on the Madrid culinary and otherwise scene. Most striking of all, upon entering, is the beautiful decor with meticulous detailing that beckons you to walk slowly and admire it all. The devil is really in the detail. All elements are designed to perfectly add to the randomness of Random. Odd shaped mirrors adorn some walls, whilst some walls a papered in bold and striking prints, yet still others are left with exposed brick work. Looking up you see round shaped chandeliers of different styles each complimentary to the other in their own unique way. A few steps straight ahead from the entrance, is the patio area with a garden style feel to it, fully equipped with gas burners, a retractable roof and a bar. A few short steps down the stairs is the password locked Anonimo Club, to which, entry is earned and is not a given. Walk up the tiny flight of stairs and a bistro/bar welcomes you – perfect for all things casual. Further away from the bistro/bar is the main restaurant. The tables here are set with fine cutlery and crockery and the chairs are upholstered in all manner of material – from velvet to leather strings. So beautiful is everything that a state of perpetual wonderment is what follows.
The patio with a retractable roof where smoking is permitted The bistro/bar area perfect for casual dinning

As you sit at your table in the restaurant area, the large windows offer you a glimpse into the Madrid you left behind. The feeling of being encapsulated in a moment in time continues. In your pensive state, the waiters and waitresses in their bespoke uniforms are hovering around you in almost stealth mode. In no time, the most randomly arranged menu is in your hands. The menu does not follow the typical order we have all become accustomed to. However, the leather backed and golden spiral bound menu goes as far as showing dessert offerings before you have seen the main meals. Sublimely Random.

Anonimo Club madrid

The menu is concise, with only a few dishes for starters and mains. These dishes are carefully chosen and being so few, quality and taste is guaranteed. The recommendation would be for you to revel in the soft, citrus flavours of the butter fish tartar, the melt in your mouth texture of the mi-cuit and some protein rich cereal salad with mozzarella. A bottle of wine is a must given that Esteban Arnaiz, the owner and restaurant manager is a seasoned connoisseur of everything wine related. The wine list is varied and caters to all. If lucky, a bottle of some rather random Carrot Wine might be availed to you. Your stealth mode waiters will be forever at hand to ensure that your glass is never empty. Really, all that one must do is sit back, relax and soak up this unique ambiance that so lacked on the to do list. The restaurant does get busy, but this only adds to the charm. Tables are filled with people just as glamorous as you, all equally mesmerised by the bold feat of interior design and gourmet experience. All too soon your meal is over and would have been washed down with a complete dessert menu that offers delights such as lemon sorbet with Gin jelly, pistachio cake and heat treated marshmallow with crystilised violet. Anonimo Club with its clandestine look and feel

As you will have earned it, your waiter/waitress will kindly accompany you to the 1930s – the era of the prohibition. This is the moment you had been waiting for, the opportunity to discover what lies below those steps that you saw when you entered. Anonimo Club offers you the chance to disappear completely, disengage from the quotidian and connect with the present. The bar area is fully stocked will all manner of cocktail essentials with no expense spared. The cocktail making gear is bronze coloured, making for a fresh difference to the usual silver. The barmen are dressed in brown leather apron style uniforms while the managers are easily identifiable in their tweed waistcoats. As if this was not enough, the bathroom itself speaks volumes. Black in colour and spotting an antique mirror, the piece de resistance here is the wall to wall glass fronted cabinet with untold numbers of old fashioned perfume bottles. This little space that is nothing more than a bathroom goes further to the explanation of why this place is called Random. As you then comfortably sit with a cocktail of choice, the music in the background, so perfectly chosen, urges you to want to steal a dance in this moment so inexplicable. Yet, you continue sitting with wonderment recapturing you once again. Yes, we are still in Madrid The beautifully decorated bar at Anonimo Club A glimpse into Anonimo Club bathrooms.

Anonimo Club madrid

Much more could be said about the experience you will encounter at Anomino. The cocktails are next to none and if you feel like splurging, the champagne list has your name on it. Of course, what is champagne without caviar and oysters. The Anonimo bar menu has it all for you.

Your dinning experience at Random comes at an average cost of 45-50€ per dinner. Is it worth it? The answer is a reverberating yes. It is not everyday that you get the chance to feel and be glamorous and be waited on hand and foot. Indeed, for special occasions and those just because moments in life, Random will top your list of things to do in Madrid and places to be in know about in Madrid.

Restaurant Information 

Location: Calle Caracas, 21

Reservations : +34 914 109 250

Average price: 45-50€ with a drink

Anonimo Club Prices: 

  • Cocktails 12€
  • Mixers 8€
  • Premium Mixers 11€
  • Non-Alcoholic cocktails 9€

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