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Red Velvet Cake in Madrid

A Red Velvet cake isn’t just a red cake with white icing on top; that is called a red cake with white icing. A Red Velvet cake is something much more exciting and enticing, and rather difficult to master. Thankfully, one baker in Madrid fully understands this concept. This post is designed to reveal a gem of a bakery going by the name of Delicakes, whose existence I became aware of only recently.

One day, whilst doing my usual Instagram scrolling, liking, and scouting, I stumbled upon a happy chap holding a Red Velvet cake. The caption read: “This is X showing off the Delicakes touch that enhanced his party”. This four layered cake immediately caught my attention because of how tasty it looked. I congratulated Delicakes for the photo and the cake. The thought then occurred to me, “wonderfully looking yes, but wonderfully tasty too?” As the age old saying goes, looks can be deceiving, so before deciding to even place an order, one thing was certain – not only is the Red Velvet my favourite cake, I have also eaten it many times and I have seen epic Red Velvet cakes and I have had to deal with those that make you hate the baker. (Once I made my own version of it, and the results made me hate me). So this would have to be one hell of cake.

With some measure of apprehension, I decided to give this company a try. The expectations on my part were high. I mean, I am also an avid baker. In a past life, I would bake just to shake away the blues. So I know a thing or two about textures, the benefits of sieving, folding the ingredients, and balancing delicate flavours. The stakes were high. What is it then about the Red Velvet as a cake that has me writing all this saga?

Well, what I particularly love about the Red Velvet is the careful balance of buttermilk, red food colouring, and cocoa powder. To succeed, your red colouring must be powerful enough to not be masked by the cocoa powder, thus resulting in a regular chocolate cake. It must also not be too flavourful, otherwise the chocolate will not shine through. Given that I am writing this post, Delicakes definitely lived up to the expectations. Red Velvet from Delicakes in a its glory

Delicakes is run by Katherine Bolaños and is based in a kitchen in Valdemoro, in the south of Madrid. Everything stems from there and is delivered right around the Community of Madrid. They specialise in American desserts, but with Katherine’s special touch. They make cheesecakes, carrot cakes, mini desserts, naked cakes, and more.

To discover these special Katherine touches, you have to order one for yourself. What, then, was the Katherine touch in my cake? Firstly, rather than having a thick, stodgy sponge, this Red Velvet was very light and airy. I can only attribute this to the possible creaming method Katherine uses. This method ensures a lot of air is contained within the ingredients, through step by step creaming of the butter and sugar, and gradual adding of whisked eggs. This is followed by sieved dry ingredients bit by bit which are carefully folded in, ensuring that the air gained up to now does not vanish. But the ultimate key with the Red Velvet, that I personally failed on and Katherine succeed on, is the use of specific quantities at precise moments. These are then mixed for a specific duration of time whilst ensuring that they are perfectly distributed, yet not overworked. For Katherine, the result was a light and spongy deliciousness that you will not be able to resist. The cake was sweet to perfection and, yet, it did not cloy the more you ate. Just as well, the 15cm cake was shared with only a few people, so I really got to take that Red Velvet to town.

The cake aside, the icing itself also had volumes to tell. The cream cheese icing was light and fluffy. Sufficient amounts had been spread between the cake’s layers and then the top was decorated with piped cream cheese pearls. The sides of the cake were left naked so as to fully show off the stark red and white contrast. Without a doubt, Katherine at Delicakes makes beautiful and delicious cakes. It need not be said that the next time you will need a cake for an occasion or, just because, you will know exactly who to call. Taking pictures of the Red Velvet was fun, but could not wait to eat it

Given how delicious this cake was, I was surprised to find out that it did not cost an arm and a leg. The prices are very reasonable; I ordered a 15cm cake with 4 layers and this cake comfortably provides 12-14 portions. The price? €35! When your cake comes, it is delivered in a beautiful black glossy box, tied with brown string and a card that kindly reminds you that a party without a cake is just a meeting. They also do bigger sizes at reasonable prices: 20cm (20-24 portions) €55 and 25cm (28-32 portions) €75. Their cheesecakes are 20cm in size and range between €25 and €35, depending on type.

Presently, to place an order, you can send a direct message to Delicakes on their Facebook fan pageInstagram page, or by calling +34691210771. The dream would be if Delicakes opened a little cafe, down a quiet and undisturbed street of Madrid. There, we would all go to elegantly stuff our faces with cakes, whilst getting lost in a book, or a chatter with friends. Until then, you can place an order the traditional way.

What are you waiting for? Remember, your party is just a meeting if it ain’t got cake.A party without a cake is just a meeting

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