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One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “What are the best restaurants in Madrid?” Not only is this the hardest question to answer because there are so many restaurants in Madrid but also, the answer to that question depends on the preferences of the person asking. So I can never accurately answer that question. Having said that, I will now go on an describe a place that I think is one of the best restaurants in Madrid.

It is no secret that over the last few months, one of my favourite things to do in Madrid has been to frequent Los Montes de Galicia. Since their renovation back in September, this place has really come up to speed with the current restaurant scene in Madrid. The place has undergone an extreme makeover from shabby Galician taberna to 21st century foodie temple. The unique selling point it retains and that puts it miles ahead of other restaurants in Madrid is their heritage. Los Montes de Galicia first opened its doors way back in 1997 and back then it served hearty Galician food at it best. Post the renovation, the food served here has maintained the Galician food mantra without losing any of the cuisine experience gained over the last nearly 20 years. Cold almond soup for the hot days

Having said all the above, this brings me to why I decided to write this post. No doubt many of us are wondering what to do in Madrid in the months of July and August when the city empties and becomes nothing less of a ghost town. Well, Los Montes de Galicia has prepared itself for this change in ambiance by offering a super “menu de degustación” jam packed with fantastic dishes and at super good value. Before describing the nitty gritty of the menu, the reduced version is that the menu comes with 7 starters to share, 1 main meal and a dessert. This is all to be washed down with two bottles of wine – one red one white – a cocktail plus water and coffee as per request. All is priced at an incredible 45€ per person.

The reason for the restaurant creating this menu is to show that although there is no beach in Madrid, the famous beaches of Galicia can be availed to you by bringing their gastronomy right to your table. So the menu that you will eat will comprise of delicacies from Galician beaches such as Playa de Pantín and Playa de las Catedrales. Many are the dishes to degust from this menu. For example, the scallops ceviche with mango ahi. The ahi gives the whole dish a slight spicy taste and is served with a garnish of salty olive dust which gives an extra depth to the entire taste. There is a cold almond soup garnished with chopped up smoked sardines. Of course, what’s Galicia without some pulpo and buñuelos. The menu of course includes these. The pulpo is particularly a bargain at this price because not only is it delicious but it is cooked in a way that finds the midpoint between the Galician preference of tough octopus and the Madrileño preference of soft to the bite. So you really will be eating the best of Spain in just one sitting. What’s Galicia without pulpo and bunuelos?

The main dishes to choose from include their 60-day aged veal low steak and the Iberian feather cut of the pig (don’t ask. As I’m told it’s a special cut of the Iberian pig.) This Iberian feather is served with grilled goats cheese, aubergine caviar and spiced and grilled tomato. All delicious, needless today. For the pescaterians out there, they have two fish dishes too, so everyone is well catered for.

If you haven’t burst from all the good food, the dessert will be the typical Galican filloa filled with a cheese mousse. A filloa is a Galician crepe. Legend has it that crepes are basically Galician filloas that the French kindly rebranded. (Make of that what you may). Follow your dessert with the on the house cocktail and be sure to ask for some Galican orujos. THE steak to order when you go!

All in all, I cannot recommend this menu highly enough. When it comes to the price/quality ratio, this is one the best you’ll find going. Couple with the fact that you’ll be having it in one of the best restaurants in Madrid, your decision to go asap is a no brainer. Like everything on MuchBites, I implore you to try this place at your next available opportunity and all feedback will be welcome!

Happy Galican eating!

Restaurant Details:

Los Montes de Galicia – Calle de Azcona, 46

Telephone: 91 355 27 86 / 91 361 49 33

Click here for summer menu in full Scallops ceviche. BOOM!!

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