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The Best Male Barbers in Madrid

The best male barbers in Madrid

If you’re looking for a stylish haircut, you’ve come to the right place. These Madrid male barbers are a must-try for any male visitor to the city. Alberto Olmedo and Malayerba have a storied history of grooming male customers in Spain, and their cutting and styling techniques are second to none. The staff is friendly and will work with you to achieve the perfect cut.

Alberto Olmedo

Alberto Olmedo, a Spanish barber, has a unique method of cutting hair. He begins his work by holding two swords and a brazing torch to cut the hair with temperatures reaching over 1300 degrees. He then uses different types of weapons to cut the hair and add volume. You can watch videos of him performing these tricks. His technique is described as “medieval and primitive”.

The blades that Olmedo uses are inspired by samurai and Western swords. The katana and wakizashi were the weapons used by a Japanese warrior. Olmedo has been performing samurai cuts for several years. His technique has won him the praise of many customers. The salon has staff that has been trained in the use of weapons. His barber can also use daggers, ax, and fire to cut hair.

The Madrid barber has become a symbol for masculinity and quality in Madrid. He has a distinctive style, and his clients love it. Unlike other barbers, he cuts hair using a sword and a blowtorch. Olmedo says that traditional scissors don’t cut hair equally. His barbering method is more ancient, and reminiscent of medieval barbers, who used swords and daggers to cut hair.

Masanuki had to be at the salon early in the morning, as the shop opens at ten in the morning. He tried to make an appointment ahead of time, but failed. He showed up first thing in the morning, hoping to be the first customer in line. He had a back-up plan, in case his appointment didn’t go well. Olmedo is a master of his craft, and he has given demonstrations around the world. He’s famous in Madrid, and you should go see him if you’re ever in the area.

Barbers spain photo
Photo by Jos Dielis


Located in Malasana, Malayerba is a great place for a male haircut. The shop specializes in men’s grooming and uses the latest cutting techniques and products to give their clients a perfect cut and shave. Additionally, Malayerba offers men’s cosmetics such as Olivia Soaps, which can be purchased at the store.

The barbershop is situated in Malasana and is popular with the locals for its friendly and professional service. At this shop, the customer is the priority. Barbers take the time to get to know their clients and learn about their facial shape and beard care habits. They then offer various colors and arrangements to suit their style. They also offer massages and exhibitions. Aside from hair services, this place also offers beard care and is dedicated to the art of beard grooming.

If you want a male haircut in Madrid, you can’t go wrong with the Malayerba barbershop near Plaza Dos de Mayo. Located in a historic area, Malayerba features 1930s charm and modern styling. There are also a number of record shops in Malasana and Plaza Dos de Mayo where you can stock up on books and collectibles. In addition to the best male barbers in Madrid, the Malayerba is a great place to browse record shops, including Radio City.

Malayerba is another hair salon in Madrid that has gained recognition from media. Its quaint atmosphere and professionalism make it a popular place for both men and women. The barbershops are run by barbers, and everything in the salon is well-maintained. There is even a bookstore and iPads for customers to use. It’s the perfect place to treat yourself and your partner.

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