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The crêpe, first invented in the most western region of France, Brittany, in the 12th century has become one of France’s most popular culinary exports. Fortunately for us, it’s made its way to one of the more charming restaurants in Madrid, La Rue. You may know the crêperie, La Rue, from the trendy neighborhood, Malasaña. The newest La Rue just popped up in the quiet yet central neighborhood, Argüelles with some hidden surprises.

Savory Crêpe

This cute crêperie serves up a thorough menu, with healthy juice options, a robust savory section and  complete coffee options. We could have tried the menu del día, at a steal of 10 euros, but we opted for items à la carte….hows my French so far eh? Don’t worry, there’s more.  We started out with a fresh tasty green smoothie. That helped us not feel bad about having two desserts. More on that later.

We moved onto savory plates next.  We tried “Amélie” a pisto (pisto manchego, which is a veggie loaded, thick tomato sauce), “Colette”, the curry crêpe and “Patryk” savory tuna crêpe.  The “Patryk” had a cream cheese base with generous cuts of spicy red tuna, topped with sesame and cilantro. It’s meant to be taken in a single bite like sushi because all the flavors sing together. This crêpe was truly the star of the menu. It was an explosion of savory juices and the warm, spicy tuna hit us completely unexpectedly.  It’s crêpe meets sushi in a perfect marriage. The plate is named after the chef who invented it so it’s an innovation specific to La Rue in Argüelles and can’t be found in any other restaurants in Madrid. 

Sweet Crêpes

When speaking of crêpes, it would be irresponsible to not talk desserts, which La Rue has no shortage of. We tried “Julie” a white chocolate crêpe with toasted almond and fresh mint garnish. Oh la la! (Told you there would be more French). And what’s better than one dessert? Two. So we dug into a chocolate coolant with vanilla ice cream and raspberry jelly. I must admit the “Julie” won the dessert round.  Other desserts we want to come back and try are “Claudia”, crêpe stuffed with speculoos, or cookie butter to my American Trader Joe fans and the classic macarons, because …what could be more French?

That Good Vibe

One thing that made La Rue stand out from other restaurants in Madrid is the feel good vibe that was palpable immediately. The Parisian bartender ushered us in off the sidewalk and into the charming, bright dining room. We had the pleasure of meeting Myriam, who runs the restaurant. She lives only blocks away and has gotten to know the Sunday regulars, families and students who routine her local. Half American, half Zaragozana and full of light, Myriam is truly the heart of this place. If you have a food allergies like gluten, nuts and dairy, the menu is carefully color coded to inform you of what each menu option contains.  Also, for all those looking to disappear into a cozy corner with a book or laptop, the restaurant is massive and extends long into the back, tucked away from street noise. Best part is the reliable wifi connection.  Actually the best part is the Patryk, seriously. Oh, and bon appétit!


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