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Do you struggle to find vegan restaurants in Madrid? Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or even a carnivore looking for a change, these spots all have something new, and more importantly delicious, to offer. The stereotype of vegan food as being boring, restrictive and just ‘bland vegetables’ are, thankfully, slowly fading away. Vegan food doesn’t necessarily mean healthy, just without animal products.  Burgers, pulled ‘pork’ sandwiches, pancakes and doughnuts are still very much on the menu, but you can indulge knowing that you’re doing a little bit to help the planet. Vegan restaurants in Madrid are creating delicious options, which is great to see! See what amazing treats the following places have in store for you!

1. La Colectiva Cafe 

Situated a stone’s throw from Bilbao metro, La Colectiva is a cosy, warm cafe with an exclusively vegan menu. Downstairs is a hub for people who want to work on their laptops while nursing a coffee or two. It is a great space to get stuff done, with plenty of seating and a strong wifi connection. It is quite popular but if you get a seat, you can spend a good hour or two working without being disturbed.

Their menu del día is great value for money and changes daily depending on what the chefs whip up. For €9.50, you get a soft drink, the soup of the day and a plate full of vibrant goodness. Pictured here is the pumpkin dahl which was richly flavoured and served with greens and homemade kimchi. The soup was beetroot and apple, such a tasty combination.

Their selection of sweets is great also, if you have room, which I don’t know about you, but  I always manage to. The banana, chocolate and peanut bread is a great accompaniment to a cup of rich coffee. The lemon meringue pie is light, zesty and not too sweet. The brownies also look delicious, they’re definitely next on the list of ‘things to be devoured’.

It must be said, that the service can be a little hit and miss! But a lovely added extra is that they don’t charge extra for having different types of milk such as almond, oat or soy, in order to make other options more accessible without the cost. We love! It’s one of our favourite vegan restaurants in Madrid!

2.Chillin’ Cafe 

Nestled away near Plaza Santa Maria, is one of our favourite vegan restaurants in Madrid.   Chillin’ Cafe is a really cute spot to go for a coffee, a light bite or for brunch. With a totally vegan menu, there is something for everyone. Even diehard carnivores will leave full and satisfied!

One of the dishes we tried was their pancakes with fruit and whipped cream. They were so fluffy on the inside with a delicious golden crust. The portion of fruit was varied and generous. You can’t go wrong if you’re eating the rainbow! They also offer matcha pancakes and a savoury option, both I’m very keen (understatement of the year) to try next time.

We also went for their bao, which was light and tasty filled with ‘ham’, mushrooms and onions, all fried and caramelised in a soy reduction. They also have a variety of other Asian fusion items on the menu which is great to see! The banana and chocolate bizcocho was light and moist, and went down very well with a cup of coffee (with oat milk). They also had some delicious looking cookies on offer too, all really well priced.

The staff are so welcoming and friendly, and the decor is very cute. The brunch menu is great value for money, orange juice, tea/coffee, a mini muesli, a bowl of soup, a main dish AND a cake/cookie, all for 12.50. Amazing value indeed! Go and try it out next weekend and let us know what you think. Say hi from us!

3.Delish Vegan Doughnuts

Preparing a fresh batch of yeasty, flavour-filled doughnuts daily, Delish Vegan Doughnuts is a recently opened cafe, not far from Plaza de España. The flavours change daily and are always influenced by what is fresh, seasonal and in the greengrocers at the moment. Pictured below is a cookie dough doughnut and a cafe con leche. These doughnuts are really good to share, and I don’t say that lightly (Joey doesn’t share food). Each doughnut is priced at €2.50 which is a great price for what you get.

Pictured below are a lemon & poppyseed doughnut and a chocolate and peanut butter fudge one. Yes they really are as tasty as that sentence sounds. If you are vegan and are often told you’re ‘missing out’ on good food, bring your friends here and get them to try a doughnut. It will definitely (and literally) give them food for thought!

The owners are friendly and warm and the space is inviting and definitely somewhere you can mull away in, with a good book or while talking to friends.  Perfect for that 4pm slump, try one with a cup of coffee and you’ll be back up to speed in no time! Say hello to them from us!

So that’s a wrap! Do you have any recommendations for delicious vegan restaurants in Madrid? Let us know in the comments section below!

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