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Last week I embarked on my journey in search of a slow lunch that I could feel good about adding into my jam-packed schedule. To be honest, I wasn’t in high hopes. After a long week, all I wanted was something comforting that could get me back on track.

Sadly, when you move to another country one of the things you have to get use to is the fact that those familiar comforting dishes are nearly impossible to find because things don’t taste the same. Even a dish by the same name inevitably does not rise to the occasion. Nothing is more disappointing than missing home and finding a restaurant that has a plate with a familiar name, ordering it and then realizing that you’ve been unintentionally duped. Now add to that my pesky issue of time and one can understand why my hopes on trying a slow food lunch weren’t set too high. That all changed when I ate at Txurri.
You can disconnect for a while at Txurri

Txurri Experimento en Marcha (pronounced Churri), is a small cafe within walking distance of Avenida de America. At its very core, Txurri is definitely a quick, pick-up and go local. The calm colors and thoughtful decor draw you in for a nice beer or a cup of tea but it’s two, small vintage tables and tiny bar let you know it’s OK to leave if you’re in a rush. In my attempt at taking things slow, I dared to grab one of the seats at the bar and people watch as I waited for my meal. While there, I quickly realized that this place was it. After only three months of being open, this “experiment in the making” already has a faithful following from area businesses and students. One taste of their home-grown food and you know exactly why. The unapologetic “we’re an experiment” explanation

The thing that I instantly loved about Turrxi is its pure, unapologetic honesty. Just look at the name—Who puts on their front door,” this is an experiment”? Turrxi does! To be honest, it takes guts to admit that you’re just trying a dream. That ‘we’re just having fun’ philosophy is what makes greatness in the kitchen. It’s also the very reason why this place stands apart. In the past year, there has been a big boom of coffee houses trying to copy the ‘Central Perk’ fame. Many have set the goal high and very few have lasted. The great thing about Txurri is that it’s not trying to be that: The focus is on quality, feel good food and it shows. The master minds behind the dishes have studied their art, travelling to coffee shops in the U.S., trying out the best of ‘deli fare’ from here and there. They’ve then shipped those flavors back to the Spanish market in their simplest, slow food form.

At Txurri, you’re not going to find thirty different, crazy named sandwiches that change every two weeks.  On offer is a set list of about nine choices of sandwiches and five salads done well, but REALLY well!

Everything from the vibrant and creative house dressings, the fresh juices and the rich desserts taste exactly the way they are supposed to: Fresh, studied and loved. Seriously, these people have perfected the art of staying in their lane! For the first time in all of my time in Spain, I had a pie that tasted like a pie. When I say pie, I’m not talking about the cold, olive oil soaked attempt at an overseas classic; at Txurri, a pie is synonymous with a golden, crumbly and buttery cookie crust. Then they went and added a cool passion fruit custard filling that was almost too rich to eat in one sitting. Boy, did I fall in love! Seriously this recipe should be in every Grandma’s kitchen; it’s just that good. The bar for all your sandwich and beverage needs

Of course the main focus is the sandwiches. Among the nine sandwiches on offer is Muchbites’ favorite, River, which pairs Salmon, goat cheese, alfalfa and a honey mustard sauce that brightens the senses.  My personal favorite is Zisa, a Chicken Cesar sandwich with REAL bacon, tomatoes and thick cuts of grilled chicken breast, married together by melted Parmesan cheese on a fresh wheat roll.  All of Txurri’s sandwiches are toasted to perfection and tucked away in a cute paper sack, perfect for an on-the-go lunch you can feel good about. Even if you decide to stay in and eat, you will still most likely take something home because the portions are just as big as its flavors.

As if fresh ingredients weren’t enough, Txurri has gone and added a daily special that packs a punch: For under 10 euros, slow food seekers can enjoy a Txurri’s sandwich with a fresh soup of the day or a salad. Any of the options can be mixed and matched to make your perfect lunch. Included in this meal are an assortment of soft  drinks, fun-sized bottles of wine or fresh fruit and vegetable juices, as well as, a choice of dessert or coffee. I highly recommend the Passion fruit pie for dessert. Part of the Txurri menu del dia

Outside of their usual lunch specials, Txurri also has a nice breakfast menu that includes American style bagels with cream cheese and fresh jam. Mid-day snacks like house made beet humus and fresh veggies are also an option. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to go back.

Happy (slow) eating!

Restaurant Information 

Address: Calle del Duque de Sevilla, 18, Madrid

Opening Times: 9AM – 5PM

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