What to do in Madrid made easy with MuchBites. The things to do in Madrid are so many that you need a local to guide you. Be they the best tapas in Madrid or the best restaurants in Madrid, you will find them all here. Given the plethora of restaurants in Madrid, our local knowledge will guide you to the top places to visit in Madrid. So, sit back, relax and eat in Madrid as your time here takes your taste buds to new heights. At MuchBites, we blog about excellent gastronomy for all your culinary needs.

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What to do in Madrid: Planning and Information Sources

You will never be short of what to do in Madrid. A little careful search will bring you to the best things in exactly no time. As there are many things on the agenda, it is always wise to follow the directions of the city’s best guides. MuchBites will always bring you the best, food-wise, as soon as it is available. However, just for you to have the comprehensive experience, it is also wise to widen the what to do in Madrid search. MuchBites has been able to follow the work of some of the city’s guides and as such, can willingly recommend that they guide you around the city. These guides give you dynamic information about the best restaurants in Madridplaces to visit in Madrid and much more.

If you are looking for good restaurants in Madrid,  following Instagrammers such as Mesa De 2Plan MadridGastroactivity and Madrid Seduce will ensure that you get access to the best of Spanish food in Madrid and also, the latest food trends as they arrive to the city.

If you are looking for what to do in Madrid in relation to sights of interest, one-off events and possible excursions, then you would want to check out Vida Madrid, Espacio Madrid and of course, Secretos de Madrid.

As you plan what to do in Madrid, why not visit some of the best coffee shops in the city and sit and chill while you are in the process? We all know that the best plans are made in coffee shops. Hence, the rest of this page leaves you with some great coffee shops around the city. Also, check out these two articles for in-depth information: Coffee Just Doesn’t Ask Silly Questions and Small Coffee Shops With Big Hearts. So, happy planning!

What to do in Madrid – The best Cafes in Madrid


Cafelito – C/ Sombrerete, 20, Lavapies

Cafelito is a coffee shop to get excited about. Serving good quality coffee along with homemade cakes and even going as far as using fresh milk (a rarity in Spain). On offer are a range of coffees from the cappuccino especial with a choice of flavours to choose from: almond, cinnamon, rose etc. Personal favourites to try would be the cafelito frio and the cafe infusionado with cardamon, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. You won’t be dissapointed.

Monkee Koffee

Monkee Koffee – C/ Vallehermoso, 112, Chamberi

Monkee Koffee is a fantastic Cafe in Madrid, an urban oasis far removed from the beaten track. The interiors themselves speak volumes about this place. To fall in love with include the exposed ceilings with steel tubing and the mildly glossy concrete floor. Your drinks can be accompanied with brownies, carrot cakes, cheesecakes and more. Monkee Koffee serves breakfast and lunche; so a great place to retreat from the city with the city.

Toma Cafe

Toma Cafe – C/ de la Palma 49, Malasana

Toma Cafeusually referred to as the best coffee in Madrid, the best Cafe Madrid, this place is surely that. The baristas are the most friendly you’ll ever meet and also the most knowledgeable going. They love their product and know all about it. Breakfast and a Deli menu is served. It is highly recommended that one tries the Flat White here – made just the way it should be! Once you’ve tried it, you will always go back.

Coffee and Kicks

Coffee and Kicks – C/ Navas de Tolosa 6, Callao

Coffee and Kicks, due to its fantastic location, saves everyone from bad coffee in the heart of Madrid’s tourist centre. This is one of the best places to visit in madrid. The cafe has amicable baristas, serving great coffee. Again from here, try the Flat White along with the cakes and deli items on offer. As you drink your coffee, you can admire the collection of kicks on display as well as peruse through the magazines on offer – all dedicated to kicks! Great place in great location.

Federal Cafe 

Federal Cafe – Plaza Comendadores 9, Malasana

Federal Cafe bursts with charm and has the most welcoming ambiance going that side of town. Boasting a wide menu ranging from coffees and cakes to breakfast, brunch and dinner, it is a must for anyone in Madrid. Australian owned, so guaranteed fantastic coffee owing to Sydney and Melbourne’s coffee culture. Must try the Guinness and Chocolate Cake which is second to none.

1000 Cups

Glorieta de Quevedo, 5, Madrid

The Cafe in Madrid 1000 Cupsas the name suggests, really serves a lot of coffee. Upon seeing just the coffee menu, you are instantly reminded of Italy because the list is long and there is definitely a coffee to suit you. Be sure to try the filter coffees which start from around 2.50€. The great thing about this place is that you get the option of a typically Spanish breakfast but with a coffee other than a box standard cafe con leche. They also serve food throughout the day, which is an added bonus.

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