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What to do in Madrid to Cool Down this Summer | MuchBites

News flash…. It is hotting up in Madrid!! But really, you don’t need me to be telling you that. We have all started the frantic search for what to do in Madrid to efficiently cool ourselves down. Some have found the perfect public swimming pools, for others it’s tintos de verano on Madrid’s famed rooftops and others just choose an Aquarius from the nearest alimentacion! Either way, I’m here to tell you of a healthy and energising way to cool down.

It’s no major scientific discovery that processed sugars are bad for us and that they are just killing us. So step away from the fizzy pop drinks and their distant cousins disguised as tropical fruit juices. Let’s all welcome with arms wide open La Fabrica de Zumos. This place is located in an area that is up and coming on the foodie places to visit in Madrid scene.

I speak of the Moncloa/Arguelles area. This area is perfect for the casual lunchers and diners. The thing is, being foreign, most of us are used to eating our lunch on the metro while reading a newspaper or sipping some type of beverage as we walk down a busy walkway. This is always under the guise of killing two birds with one stone. However, in addition to the usual stares we normally get for being foreign, these are then augmented when one is caught eating in a non-meant for food environment. So, if you are going to do it, do it with style and be proud in the process. The Roots Juice and It’s Ingredients

Without getting sidetracked, what to do in Madrid to cool down this summer is to enjoy delicious cold press juices from La Fabrica de Zumos, of course, as you walk down the street. I have fallen in love with this place because you get all manner of fruit and veg, delicately pressed into a juice with all the vitamins and other nutrients we all so desperately need. How do they manage this feat? Basically, by using a cold press machine as it is designed to extract all the nutrients of the fruit or veg at a very low temperature, thus maintaining all the nutritional value.

The difference between a cold press juice and a blended juice is that a blender works at many revolutions per minute therefore heating the ingredients and destroying nutrients. Furthermore, blending does not press the juice within each ingredient, it just makes everything into a fine pulp, so you will then need to add water or milk and ice to make your smoothie or juice a bit more exciting. However, at La Fabrica de Zumos, with their cold press machines, they use more than a kilo of fruit and veg and this gives about 500ml of pure juice – no pulp, no water, no added anything.

As we’re talking about what to do in Madrid to cool down, all you will then have to do is add a few ice cubes to your juice and Bob’s your uncle. So imagine cooling down this summer with a juice of freshly squeezed oranges, carrot juice and fresh ginger extract or a something with cucumber, celery, parsley and kale.

To top it off, they have a selection of superfoods such as baobab and spirulina that can be added to the cold presses for that extra boost of healthy. Not only will you be cooled down by these juices, but also you will be energised and detoxed because you would have given your body many of the revitalising nutrients it so desperately needs. Juices with the likes of beetroot, carrots and cucumber

The best thing about La Fabrica de Zumos is that their prices are amazingly reasonable. A juice of 500ml will only set you back 4.50€ (I dare you to get that in Starbucks). Also, their cold press juices can last up to 3 days. So you can buy a fair few and keep them in the fridge at home and down a few at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

When you do go to La Fabrica de Zumos, be sure to ask about their detox plans for the easiest way to detox.

With that, the question ‘what to do in Madrid to cool down this summer of 2016′ has been well and truly answered!

Remember, stay cool!

La Fabrica de Zumos 

Address: Calle Fernández de los Ríos 57 Bis

Telephone: +34 678 63 27 69

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